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Data analysis support - image analysis workflows from £200 per day

  • Examination of your project brief and example data.

  • Provision of a simple image analysis workflow.

Such as a Fiji Macro to automatically count nuclei in 2D images.

  • More complex image analysis workflows are subject to agreement.

Data analysis support  - custom code​ from £250 per day

  • Provision of custom code to solve a problem as described in your project brief. 

Such as​ code to allow for object analysis of 3D segmented data.

Data analysis support  - analysis service from £300

  • Analysis of your data using existing methods for up to 2 days. 

Data analysis support  - image segmentation service from £250 per day

  • 2D/3D/3D+t object segmentation. 

  • Depending on the data and experimental question, this uses standard image analysis approaches and/or machine learning. 

Data (acquisition) consultation from £200

  • Examination of your project brief and example data.

  • Written short data assessment which we will share with you.

  • Up to a one-hour meeting to discuss data quality improvements, possible data analysis directions, and answer all your questions.

Teaching and/or Training Session  from £300

  • Hands-on remote two-hour training session, including data understanding and basic image analysis steps.

  • Training will be delivered via Zoom using Fiji software. 

Talks and keynotes from £150

Our Core Values

Quality - Respect - Courage - Integrity - Focus

Quality - We strive for absolute excellence and quality in everything we do.

Respect - We support diversity and inclusion; thus, will never tolerate any disrespectful, abusive, or bullying behavior.

Courage - We have the courage to think outside the box, be creative, take calculated risks, and follow new avenues.

Integrity - We adhere to our moral values and ethical principles, being honest, truthful, and loyal.

Focus - We are dedicated to delivering work with utmost attention in agreed timeframes and according to needs.

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