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​We provide

  • data analysis support and training

  • science communication, documentation, & dissemination

  • science art 

Our mission

  • support, understand, and create knowledge

  • provide hands-on expertise and consultation

  • help you effectively communicate your work

Our clients gain

  • time to focus on their field of expertise

  • short- and long-term impact

  • knowledge, service, and products

Are you ready to

elevate your research to the next step?

enthrall with unique science visualization?

get bespoke science art?

(i) Teaching image analysis proficiency 

  • data visualization and analysis

  • non-/digital content creation

  • tailored courses, teaching, and training

(ii) Data analysis support

  • project-based bioimage data consultancy

  • bespoke image analysis workflows

  • customized code​

  • data analysis

(iv) Documentation and dissemination

  • scientific manuscripts

  • MarCom and SciComm (blog, website copy, email copy, ..)

  • visualization and graphics design (illustrations, banners, roll-ups, slide decks, ..)

  • science art (bespoke interior design, fine art prints, office decor,.. )

Logo of Zeeks - Art for Geeks

Our Core Values

Quality - Respect - Courage - Integrity - Focus

Quality - We strive for absolute excellence and quality in everything we do.

Respect - We support diversity and inclusion; thus, will never tolerate any disrespectful, abusive, or bullying behavior.

Courage - We have the courage to think outside the box, be creative, take calculated risks, and follow new avenues.

Integrity - We adhere to our moral values and ethical principles, being honest, truthful, and loyal.

Focus - We are dedicated to delivering work with utmost attention in agreed timeframes and according to needs.

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