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Elisabeth has won several awards as science / microscopy artist:​

  • 2nd place - Best Image Award - Multinational Congress on Microscopy 22-26 August 2021 (MC2021) 

  • shortlist - Royal Microscopy Society (RMS) Scientific Imaging Competition 2021

  • 1st place - Rank Prize Funds Seeing Science photography competition - Optoelectronics 2021 

  • 1st place - the University of Sheffield Insigneo institute for in silico medicine image competition

Features and covers

Her work has been featured on the cover of EMBO Reports Aug 2019, the annual Insigneo magazine, and the Development Cover in February 2023.


Elisabeth's work has been displayed in exhibitions at the Royal Microscopy Society Conference 2021, the University Engineering Exhibition 2019, and FocalPlane webpage gallery items.

Expert Opinion

Her expert opinion as science artist was featured in an interview with The Node and an opinion piece in Development.


Elisabeth is also in regular exchange and collaboration with international artists as exemplified by her work with "Microscope me up" in 2019 and 2020.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to say tuned.

Data visualization, figures, and graphical abstracts

Scientific illustration showing the microscopy setup of light sheet fluorescence microscopy multi-view imaging

Kugler and Reynaud, LSFM Series, FocalPlane, 2021

Scientific illustration of light interaction with matter and microscopy artefacts
Scientific illustration showing the central role of glia cells in the neurovascular unit in health and disease

Kugler, Greenwood, & MacDonald, Front. Cell Dev. Biol.,2021

Worklflow overview of biomedical image analysis, including experiment & digitalization, data pre-processing, quantification, registration, and data analysis.

Microscopy Art Gallery

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