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Prior to founding Zeeks, Elisabeth Kugler was a scientist and active researcher. Learn more about her research work in zebrafish, microscopy, and data analysis.

Postdoc Work: UCL (2020-2022)

The neurovascular unit (NVU) is a complex multi-hetero-cellular structure that allows the function of the nervous system. Understanding how NVU components are linked is essential to understanding brain and eye function. 

Müller Glia (MG) are the principal retinal glial cell type with a stereotypic shape linked to their maturation and physiological status. #GliaMorph is a semi-automatic image analysis pipeline to quantify glia morphology.

2022-10-01 16_54_28-Multimedia and SciArt _ Kuglerelisabeth.png

PhD Work: University of Sheffield (2017-2020)

Read about how combining zebrafish and light-sheet microscopy can shed light on vascular development.

Read about the discovery of a previously unknown brain endothelial cell membrane behaviour called kugeln.

#ZVQ is a semi-automatic image analysis workflow to describe and quantify the zebrafish brain vasculature, acquired with light-sheet fluorescence microscopy.

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