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Writing is an essential form of science communication.

In 2022, Dr Kugler founded the science communication company Zeeks, which provides writing as a service, including blogs, website copywriting, application notes, and scientific publications.


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Before Dr Kugler founded the science communication company Zeeks, she published several important written works, such as:

Application and Technical Notes

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If there is one thing Dr Kugler enjoys, then it is researching for a new writing project and working with scientists to turn their scientific discoveries and technological developments into application and technical notes.​

Examples include:

Website Copywriting

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Specializing in life sciences and biotech, Dr Kugler provides website copywriting content to supplement scientists' work, technology development, and implementations.

Scientific Publications

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To date, Dr Kugler has published more than 17 scientific publications on

  • science communication and visualization approaches

  • the zebrafish retina neurovascular unit

  • a cell membrane behaviour she discovered, termed kugeln

  • biomedical image analysis approaches to quantify the zebrafish brain vasculature

Full list of publications: here

Her work was featured on several covers and has won various awards.

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