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Christmas 2020 - Time for Self-Care

Christmas, especially this year, is a time to be looking after yourself.

2020 was a year with many ups and downs. Hence, taking the Christmas period to re-energize is crucial to maintain energy and refocus on the things that are important.

Loved ones

For most of us, Christmas will be different this year. Instead of spending it with my loved ones, I will connect with them remotely and make a conscious effort to let people know that I am thinking of them by sending them a message or Christmas card.


One of my aims it to get away from the news and refrain from social media. Instead, I plan on having quality time to re-energize and taking time for myself, pursuing my hobbies, indulging in a good book, and enjoying the guilty pleasures of Christmas cookies. This is also a good excuse to finally read the books that are stacked on my shelve's "to read" section.

Christmas is the time that we indulge in delicious foods, letting scents and fragrances take over the house. Even though this often comes with gaining the odd kilo here and there, I personally love the process of preparing cookies, puddings, foods, and drinks; especially when sharing it with loved ones.

Being Grateful

Due to my personal circumstances I get to celebrate two Christmases' - an Austrian (24th Dec) and a British (25th Dec) one - allowing me to learn cultural differences and widening my horizon; but also being grateful for the things and, more importantly, loved ones in my life.


This is also the time of the year that I reflect on the things that really count, moving away from short-term thoughts but looking at things with a long-term and broader perspective. e.g. "Will this particular thing that stresses me right now, actually effect me in 3 years time or even in a months time. Is it worth the energy? And, if yes, what can I do to change it?

Together, this is the time of the year where I will reflect and make a conscious effort towards self-care. I hope you are all getting the chance to do the same, have a fantastic time, and have a happy new year!

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